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Book Translations

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Making a Living From Books

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Modern Digital Designs

…Finally, so far, that is, some authors are putting the 3-D cover with the blurb on a relevant background image, and that is the bee’s knees in book advertising covers for me.

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Facebook Idiocy

Then, one morning, I turned on my computer to discover that my Facebook account had been blocked or banned or shut down, whatever you want to call it, for ‘spamming’!

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Promotion on Megan Publishing Services

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Promotion for Small Businesses in 52 Parts

Marketing Your Work

Marketing Your Artwork Marketing, advertising, promoting, publicising… it’s all basically the same thing, ie getting the word out there that you have something fantastic to sell. So, where do you begin? This may sound odd, but you should begin before you have anything to sell. Let’s say you’re a writer, like I am. You could

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The Lek Series

A Boring Sunday

A Boring Sunday I really can’t understand Kobo’s attitude. I know they won’t write to me today because it’s Sunday, but they blocked selling Behind The Smile II for suspected ‘illegal activity’ yet haven’t answered any of my three emails asking what they mean exactly. I thought it was only Google and Microsoft who considered

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