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My name is Owen Jones, and I am a writer from Barry, South Wales. I have written more than fifty stories and many of those have been or are being translated into foreign languages. Furthermore, some of those books are being narrated into audio books.

This page contains a list of free extracts from those novels.

Audible, which produces these audio books sometimes has a promotion that allows new clients to download free audio books, so my suggestion is to listen to a few of these extracts, choose one or more that you like and click through to see it on Amazon.

If there are free copies available, you will see a link on Amazon to its sister site, Audible where you can download it free of charge.

Before you rush off to take advantage of this offer, I want you to be aware that these free audio books on Audible are not specially-created abridged or shortened cheap versions of my books. They are the full, original editions narrated by high-class professionals. I chose the narrators myself, and got to know them over the course of working together.

I recommend all of them highly. they all have voices that perfectly match the stories they are telling, and they all add an extra dimension to my stories. They embellish them.

If you want to know something about my style, I write about what I see, or think I see, or dream… and, in the ends, it’s really all the same

I won’t hold you up any longer except to say that I hope you enjoy my work, that you will manage to obtain at least one of them free, and that you will leave a review of it on Audible (whether you like it or not).

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