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  • Fate Twister

    Fate Twister

    Wayne Gamm was born into a family of Welsh witches. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • The Disallowed

    The Disallowed

    The Disallowed is a humorous, even philosophical take on what a modern vampire family might experience from day to day. Well worth the read. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • The Eternal Plan

    The Eternal Plan

    The automatic writings of The Happy Medium, Colin Jones, as dictated by his Spirit Guides. Read more…

    By Colin Jones $6.99
  • Daisy’s Chain

    Daisy’s Chain

    Daisy’s Chain Love, Intrigue and the Underworld on The Costa del Sol Daisy, the proud daughter of a wealthy ex-London gangster, John, and his Spanish wife, Teresa, grew up in Marbella on the Costa del Sol, aka, the Costa del Crime. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • Andropov’s Cuckoo

    Andropov’s Cuckoo

    Andropov’s Cuckoo – A Story of Love, Intrigue and the KGB: A dying man recounts the story of the most amazing person he has ever met, a brilliant, Soviet linguist, whom he calls Youriko. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • The Ghouls of Calle Goya

    The Ghouls of Calle Goya

    Frank, a staid, middle-aged bachelor takes his new Thai bride to a friend’s apartment in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol for their dream honeymoon. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • Alien House

    Alien House

    Michael has lived with his Thai wife in Thailand for twelve years and Spain for two, but failed to get her a residence permit for the UK. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • A Night in Annwn

    A Night in Annwn

    ”Annwn’ is the ancient Welsh word for Heaven, although it was considered to be under ground, or under a mountain. Willy Jones, a widower, sorely misses his departed wife, and when his poor old dog dies too, he has a heart attack. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • Dead Centre

    Dead Centre

    In this international action thriller, renegade ex-members of the British Special Forces, the 22nd Special Air Services Regiment (the SAS) see an opening in the market to help their stricken comrades. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99
  • Tiger Lily of Bangkok

    Tiger Lily of Bangkok

    Tiger Lily of Bangkok is the first in the series about a Thai girl, who was abused from an early age, the effects of which come out later in life, when she begins to extract her revenge… Read more…

    By Owen Jones $3.99
  • The Misconception

    The Misconception

    The Misconception is the first novelette in the twenty-three-part Megan Series on the psychic development of a young teenage girl. Read more…

    By Owen Jones $2.99
  • Daddy’s Hobby

    Daddy’s Hobby

    Daddy’s Hobby is the first of seven volumes in the realistic, poignant seriies called Behind The Smile – The story of Lek, A Bar Girl in Pattaya Read more…

    By Owen Jones $4.99

Author Profile

Owen Jones
Owen Jones, Amazon Best-Selling author from Barry, Wales, has lived in several countries and travelled in many more. While studying Russian in the USSR in the '70's, he hobnobbed with spies on a regular basis. After university, in Suriname, he got caught up in the 1982 coup, when he was accused of being a mercenary. Later, while a company director, he joined the crew of four as the galley slave to sail, from Barry to Gibraltar on a home-made concrete yacht during Desert Storm. En voyage, the yacht was almost rammed by a Russian oil tanker, and an American aircraft carrier - The Atlantic Challenger. Since 2004, he has lived mainly in the UK, Spain and Thailand. He now leads a somewhat quieter life in his wife's remote, northern farming village writing, editing and increasing the number of translations, and narrations of his novels. As he says: ”Born in the Land of Song, living in the Land of Smiles”.


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