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Finance and money have always interested me. You might be thinking, ‘So what? Everybody else is too!’ but I don’t mean it like that.

I have never been rich in monetary terms, and I am not interested in collecting money in my bank account just for the sake of it. I am not greedy, but I am aware that we all need money, don’t want much out of life and hate shopping.

No, what I mean is that I am fascinated by how money is, and can be, generated, and how it is, or could be. used.

Savings Plans

I have had savings plans, both long and short term, producing tax-free and taxable lump sums and incomes; I have had three houses at one time, all mortgaged; I have owned businesses outright and been a director with others. I have collected stamps and coins, and I was the youngest person ever to obtain the right to collect modern gold coins in the UK, back in the days when it was illegal for collectors to do so.

I have played the stock market and Forex and pursued umpteen other methods, obscure and not so, too.


However, despite fifty years of doing all that, I am not qualified to give financial advice in the UK. That probably goes for the EU and the Americas too. That’s OK though, I can live with that. What they can’t stop me from doing though, I think, is pointing you in the direction of something that I find interesting, so that you will be aware of it, and be in a position to discover more about it for yourself, if you find the topic of interest.

So, under those provisos, please enter my world of finance and look around.

(Tip: I like to follow ideas on fee-free financial advice and cryptocurrencies at the moment. I think that they are going to shake the financial sector to the core. Perhaps, just as desktop publishing did to the traditional publishing industry).

All the best,


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