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Owen Jones

Owen Jones, Amazon Best-Selling author from Barry, Wales, has lived in several countries and travelled in many more. While studying Russian in the USSR in the '70's, he hobnobbed with spies on a regular basis. After university, in Suriname, he got caught up in the 1982 coup, when he was accused of being a mercenary. Later, while a company director, he joined the crew of four as the galley slave to sail from Barry to Gibraltar on a home-made concrete yacht during Desert Storm. En voyage, the yacht was almost rammed by a Russian oil tanker, and an American aircraft carrier - The Atlantic Challenger. Since 2004, he has lived mainly in the UK, Spain and Thailand. He now leads a somewhat quieter life in his wife's remote, northern farming village writing, editing and increasing the number of translations, and narrations of his novels. As he says: ”Born in the Land of Song, living in the Land of Smiles”.


Alien House book cover

Alien House

By Owen Jones


An old man starts to doubt his sanity, when his alter ego agrees with him!

Daisy's Chain book cover

Daisy's Chain

By Owen Jones


Poor little rich girl Daisy seeks revenge in this instantly downloadable ebook. Will it backfire on her in her exciting, but appalling adventure?

The Psychic Megan Series

The Misconception

By Owen Jones


In The Misconception, Megan is twelve years old, and her mother has locked her in the coal cellar again for talking about her psychic powers. ‘Telling lies’ as her mother...

Daddy's Hobby - Behind The Smile - volume one - book cover

Daddy's Hobby

By Owen Jones


The seven-part 'Behind The Smile' Series is the story of Lek, a bar girl in Pattaya, Thailand. Lek was born the eldest child of four in a typical rice farming...

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