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‘Featured authors’ is a category used on our blog Megan Publishing Services to identify posts relating to featured authors

Foreign Translations

You can now find foreign translations of novels by Welsh writer Owen Jones in 37 languages on our blog at

The Welsh Novelist With 1,000 Books

Learn more about the work of Owen Jones, a most prolific Welsh novelist with more that 1,000 books registered to him at the British Library

Welsh Author – Owen Jones

Welsh Author, Owen Jones, full name Owen Ceri Jones, was born in Barry, South Wales, to an industrious working-class family with four brothers

David Blair - Author

David Blair

David Blair got involved in story telling in the 8th grade. He wrote, directed and starred in a student film called ‘’Destination Destiny’’ He then picked up writing again in his early thirties.

Donald L Vasicek

This is our unique interview with the award-winning American author and screenwriter Donald L Vasicek, in which he talks about his work and his life.

M. K. Theodoratus

This is my author interview with M. K. Theodoratus, who talks about her her books and herself in this interesting interview.

Lucy Andrews - Author

Lucy Andrews

Lucy Andrews Hello, could you begin by telling us your name, how we can reach you and where you come from, please? Name : Lucy Andrews Social Media : Country: England Do you prefer to read a particular genre? : Yes, I usually read either historical or science fiction novels. When I read …

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M. K. Graff - author of The Golden Hour

M. K. Graff

M. K. Graff Hello, M. K. Graff, what should I call you? 1. My Name is: Marni Graff Website: 2. Which country are you from? The USA. 3. Do you prefer to read a particular genre? I review crime books, so that makes up the bulk of my reading. I’m partial to police procedurals and …

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