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‘Featured authors’ is a category used on our blog Megan Publishing Services to identify posts relating to featured authors

Foreign Translations

Foreign Translations Read More »

The Welsh Novelist With 1,000 Books

The Welsh Novelist With 1,000 Books Read More »

Welsh Author – Owen Jones

Welsh Author – Owen Jones Read More »

David Blair - Author

David Blair

David Blair got involved in story telling in the 8th grade. He wrote, directed and starred in a student film called ‘’Destination Destiny’’ He then picked up writing again in his early thirties.

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Donald L Vasicek

Donald L Vasicek Read More »

M. K. Theodoratus

M. K. Theodoratus Read More »

Lucy Andrews - Author

Lucy Andrews

Lucy Andrews Hello, could you begin by telling us your name, how we can reach you and where you come from, please? Name : Lucy Andrews Social Media : Country: England Do you prefer to read a particular genre? : Yes, I usually read either historical or science fiction novels. When I read

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M. K. Graff - author of The Golden Hour

M. K. Graff

M. K. Graff Hello, M. K. Graff, what should I call you? 1. My Name is: Marni Graff Website: 2. Which country are you from? The USA. 3. Do you prefer to read a particular genre? I review crime books, so that makes up the bulk of my reading. I’m partial to police procedurals and

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