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Daddy’s Hobby by Owen Jones

Daddy’s Hobby by Owen Jones is the first novel from this Welsh writer. It explores why so many girls work in Pattaya and how they fare

Barry Wales UK

Barry-Wales is where I was born and grew up. It will always hold a special place in my heart, although these days I feel sad thinking about it

Villfarelsen: En andlig guide, en spöktiger, och en skrämmande mamma!

Villfarelsen – Misconception

“Villfarelsen” är den första delen i en serie av tjugotre noveller om den andliga utvecklingen hos en ung flicka som heter Megan.

Holton Road, Barry

Street Problems in Barry

We had only been back in Barry, my home town for six months, but it didn’t take that long to realise that there were street problems that were unusual. At least, I wasn’t used to them, but then of the previous fifteen years,


iTunes – Apple Stocks Novels of Owen Jones

Tunes – Apple is now stocking 70+ professional audiobook narrations of Welsh author from Barry, Owen Jones’ 300+ novels and translations that are available as ebooks elsewhere on iTunes – Apple. Psychological dramas set in many locations.


UK Post Office

The UK Post Office used to be a very respected establishment. I don’t know when that changed, but sometime over the last fifteen years while I was out of the country. Now the Post Office is very expensive…


Saga of My Bus Pass part one

In Wales, everybody receives a free bus pass at the age of sixty. However, I didn’t apply for mine until I was sixty-four, and it wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined


My Wife’s Strange Dizzy Spells

My wife suffered dizzy spells recently, which took a turn for the worse. Our doctor;s reception sent her home without seeing her, where she collapsed. Was this right? Paramedics had to be called to assist…

UN Human Rights Commission

United Nations Special Rapporteur on UK Poverty

Statement on Visit to the United Kingdom, by Professor Philip Alston, United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights

The Cloud - An 'Internet Service Provider'

The Cloud – An Internet Service Provider

The Cloud is An ‘Internet Service Provider’ in the Barry area, although it could exist nationwide for all I know. It tends to be used in the larger bars

Iain Scott Singer Comedian

Iain Scott

Iain Scott is a Singer, Impersonator and Comedian Extraordinaire. I had never head of him before the gig at O’Brien’s, but I am glad I was there…


Our Visit to the Doctor

… and left the doctor’s surgery with the strange feeling that there was something he wasn’t telling me. We had been in there for fifteen to twenty minutes for two check-ups


O’Brien’s – The Community Pub in the Centre of Barry

O’Brien’s – The Community Pub in the Centre of Barry – has a terrible reputation among people who don’t use it, but is it unjustified? People who don’t use O’Brien’s seem to have a dreadful fear of the place!

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