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The Welsh Novelist With 1,000 Books

Welsh novelist Owen Jones - picture
Welsh novelist Owen Jones

The most prolific Welsh writer you’ve never heard of!

Welsh novelist, Owen Jones, was born in Barry, South Wales in 1954. He wrote over 175 books, many of which were set in his native country. His works include the series: The Psychic Megan Series, Behind The Smile, Tiger Lily of Bangkok, Annwn-Heaven, and Dead Centre.

Who is this Welsh Novelist with 1,000 Books?

Jones attended infant, junior, and comprehensive schools in his home town. Then he left for Portsmouth, where he studied Russian Language and Soviet History. It was the sixth language that he learned to fluency before he was twenty-four. After Portsmouth, he moved to The Netherlands for nine years and learned Dutch. In 2004, he moved to Thailand, and started writing his first book, which he published in 2012. It was Daddy’s Hobby the first book in the series Behind The Smile: The Story of Lek, A Bar Girl in Pattaya. The second volume, An Exciting Future arrived in the same year. That’s 225,000 words worth!

Where did he come from?

Jones’ parents were avid readers and Spiritualists. He read many of the hundreds of books in the house, and loved writing essays and stories at school. He always received good marks for his literary efforts. However, he gave up English Language as soon as possible in favour of foreign languages. When he did start writing seriously, he was in his fifties, and had to teach himself how to write grammatically, and publish his books.

When did he start writing?

Our Welsh novelist started writing in school, and never really stopped. In school and university, he wrote essays, stories and a dissertation. However, after full-time education, he worked as a translator abroad, and wrote many letters home and to friends. There was no Internet or email then!

What were his influences?

His father was a Spiritualist healer, and so was his maternal grandmother, who actually founded a Spiritualist Church in his town. In fact, it is still going today. Jones has always taken Spiritualism very seriously. He calls it a Western form of Buddhism, and tries to live his life according to its beliefs. This is reflected in most of the stories he writes, but not all. The Psychic Megan Series partially reflects his mother’s life story, but it incorporates Spiritualism in the main too. The Annwn – Heaven Series is similar in that it is concerned with Spiritualist/Buddhist beliefs.

What’s this Welsh writer’s best work?

As with all writers, you pays your money and takes your choice with this Welsh novelist. There are 175 books to choose from, and they have been translated and narrated to make 1,000 books! Owen Jones himself is non-committal. “I forget about some of the stories’ details sometimes, but when I am working with a translator or narrator, I fall in love with the book all over again!”

Daddy’s Hobby – The Story of Lek, A Bar Girl in Pattaya

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