The Megan Series

The Megan Series Audiobooks

The Misconception” is the first story in the Megan Series Audiobooks of twenty-three novelettes about the spiritual development of Megan, a young girl. In the first story, she is twelve years of age. She has latent, supernatural powers and is curious about how to use them, but no-one that she knows seems to have any idea what she is talking about.

She tries asking her mother and even asks friends at school, but she gets no help. However, it is unclear whether her mother has had previous experience with the paranormal, although we do see early on in the first novelette that Megan’s maternal grandmother was against the paranormal too.

Her grandmother and her mother do everything they possibly can to prevent Megan from finding out any more. The first volume shows Megan’s frustration with the living, so when help comes from Beyond, she grasps it with both hands and slowly develops her supernatural powers.

The Megan Series Audiobooks is about Megan’s psychic Awakening.

The Misconception’ is about the paranormal powers which lie in all of us, which would make them not so much paranormal as quite normal, if people were not so frightened of the supernatural, which is quite natural too.

In the following books, and they are being released at the rate of one a month, we see Megan’s behaviour under different circumstances. We also meet the people, and animals, who interact with her. The main characters are: Megan’s mother, Suzanne; Megan’s father, Robert; her spiritual guide, Wacinhinsha, her maternal grandfather, Gramps and her familiar, a huge Siberian tiger called Grrr.

Wacinhinsha is a senior Spiritual Guide who has come to help Megan because she had no-one else, and was actually being punished for her curiosity into the paranormal and supernatural. He is a native American, what most people outside the USA would call a Red Indian of the Sioux tribe.

Wacinhinsha has a deep knowledge of spiritual life and is willing to help Megan with anything that she wants to know, which no-one else she knows is seems able to do.

Her grandfather, Gramps, has been dead for about thirteen years, but he is still very much a novice. He wants to help Megan and tries to get involved but his inexperience trips him up sometimes. Despite that, Megan is close to her Gramps as she has known him as a ‘ghost’ since she was a baby

Grrr is a tiger that died a long time ago. She cannot speak any language but tiger, of course, and humans do not understand much tiger – Megan is no exception. However, Megan and Grrr tend to understand each other a little more than anyone with a close pet does, although Grrr is not a pet by any stretch of the imagination.

The Megan Series Audiobooks

These books are for everyone who has ever wondered about the supernatural, paranormal or metaphysical – it is about the normal, spiritual development that all higher life forms have to go through in order to reach their ultimate, unavoidable destiny, however long that may take. These stories are based on fact in more ways than one.

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M1: The Misconception: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M2: Megan’s Thirteenth: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M3: Megan’s School Trip: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M4: Megan’s School Exams: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M5: Megan’s Followers: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M6: Megan and the Lost Cat: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M7: Megan and the Mayoress: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M8: Megan Faces Derision: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M9: Megan’s Grandparents Visit: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M10: Megan’s Father Falls ill: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M11: Megan goes on Holiday: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M12: Megan and the Burglar: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M13: Megan and the Cyclist: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M14: Megan and the Old Lady: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M15: Megan’s Garden: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M16: Megan Goes to the Zoo: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

M17: Megan Goes Hiking: Amazon, Audible and Apple’s iTunes.

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