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Spontaneous Parties

There is election fever in the air in our village, which often results in more than the usual amount of exuberance and drinking and spontaneous parties. I’m not sure what the election is

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My Dream Last Night

ere were people lining a sort of a street about twenty persons deep, and I was one of them.
The atmosphere was fantastic – a bit like London’s Notting Hill or New Orleans’ Mardi Gras

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The First Jukebox in Barry

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Boots Pharmacy Barry

Boots Pharmacy is right in the heart of Barry and has been there all my life. In more ways than one, but nowadays it is a sad reflection of what once was…

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Saga of My Bus Pass part one

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The Lek Series

Being Ill in the Countryside

  Being Ill in the Countryside A lump has been growing on my back for the last week or two. I haven’t paid it much attention because it didn’t hurt and I have had a non-malignant lymphoma removed before. The surgeon who did that in the UK twelve years ago, said that I could get

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Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Fourth of July From the thirteenth of September, 2004 to the fourth of July, 2005, we slept on my mother-in-law’s floor in the small, rice-growing village where we live in northern Thailand, while we were waiting for our own house to be completed. However, after a party at a friend’s that finished after midnight on

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Golden Tree Snake

Cruelty to Snakes

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American versus English

American versus English I have had a hard week one way and another, but mostly because of the way different people have a different take on things or even life, I suppose. A lot of it has had to do with language, I think, American versus English and perhaps something to do with gender This

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The Lek Series

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance Site maintenance is an important part of any webmaster’s duties and has to be taken seriously, but it is not usually an onerous task. However, in the last thirty days or so, two of the largest players on the Internet, Google and Amazon have decided to force everyone to make huge alterations to

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Getting My Thai Wife to the UK

Getting My Thai Wife to the UK (part 213) Those of my regular readers who have followed the five-year saga of my trying to get my Thai wife into the UK will recognize the reference, because Getting My Thai Wife to the UK has been my biggest problem for a decade. Well, I have had

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Carling Black label

Carling Black Label

Carling Black Label I think I remember when Carling Black Label was first introduced to the widespread British beer-drinking public. There was an advert for Carling lager on television and my mother commented that that was my father’s latest favourite drink. I was still underage, and I remember commenting that I couldn’t understand why people

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Search Engines - is Google always the best?

Search Engines

Search Engines I should imagine that if I asked a hundred people, which is the best search engine, at least ninety percent would say Google, but how many of them ever consider using other search engines? Google has done such a tremendous job of PR that it now attracts at least 85% of search queries.

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Growing Old Abroad

Growing Old Abroad


Growing Old Abroad Old age creeps up on us, as does getting older in general. Parents regularly wonder what happened to their youth, and older people wonder why they hadn’t noticed it happening to them. These are common experiences, but when you have been growing old abroad, there are other factors. Those who are growing

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British Bureaucracy

British Bureaucracy

British Bureaucracy My Thai wife and I arrived back in the UK for the first time in five years last Wednesday, so our first encounter with British bureaucracy was at Rhoose airport’s immigration. My wife was coming in on a five-year Spanish Residency Card, and the official had never seen an Asian with one before.

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Liverpool vs Real Madrid It was Liverpool vs Real Madrid in some football cup final or other in our local pub in Fuengirola this evening. Well, I suppose it was in nearly everybody’s local too. I am not really into football. However, many of my friends are at various levels from professional to fanatic, so

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Penpals – Do You Remember Them?


Penpals – Do You Remember Them? When I was a boy, and that was quite a while ago, writing letters, telephoning or sending a telegramme were just about the only means of communication over long distances. Middle-class children were encouraged to write letters, not that I was from that social group, and one of the

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

A Lonely Night in Fuengirola


A Lonely Night in Fuengirola I wasn’t happy that night – an argument with the wife, or possibly a misunderstanding… she is Thai, I am Welsh and I know for certain that we still don’t fully understand one another, even after fifteen years. So, I went for a walk around the town where I live,

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