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Spontaneous Parties

Spontaneous Parties
Spontaneous Parties

Just one over the eight…

There is election fever in the air in our village, which often results in more than the usual amount of exuberance, drinking and spontaneous parties. I’m not sure what the election is for, and none of my falang friends is aware of any forthcoming election. However, my wife and her close friends are all interested in local politics. So if they are talking about an election, then something is going on, even if it is some way off. They are keeping me in the dark again… like a mushroom.

My wife and I were having a quiet drink together this evening. It rarely happens more than once a week, when a pickup suddenly arrived across the road.

The Spontaneous Party is on!

The doors flew open and a mind-numbing roar of music hit us.

Now, I am not opposed to loud music per se, I am an old hippy after all. However, my first reaction was to think that it was ridiculously loud for in the middle of our quiet village at 21:00.

Then, I remembered that loud music and parties are permissible until midnight, and who am I to complain about people enjoying themselves?

No Complaints!

My focus switched to how so much noise, sorry, volume or decibels could come from a car. It is deafening even in the open space of the village centre.

Two hours later, and not one complaint!

Not only that, but we have long since decamped from the ‘quiet place” where we were sitting to the restaurant opposite where the music is :-). There is a spontaneous party in the making, and the evening has just become more interesting. My wife and her friends are talking feverishly… about elections? Could be, but they are not telling me, and I don’t really have to know anyway. It strikes me that ‘The Spontaneous Party’ would be a good name for a political party.

I was going to go home and work on my books, but then I have always been a sucker for spontaneous parties… and so has my wife :-), so I guess we’ll just stay here until midnight.

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