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My Writing Experience
Owen Jones’ new book covers

Are you stuck in the past?

If you are reading this message, the odds are that you are an artistic person… probably a writer, a musician or a webmaster.

Why am I guessing that?

Well, I am a writer, and I recognise the signs of someone who needs a good cover to wrap around his or her work 🙂

For example, we have all been advised for decades not to judge a book by its cover, but, being authors, we also know that everybody does just that, don’t we?

There is something I want to tell you, if you will allow me a minute.

I have written fifty-odd novels over the last ten years, and I have had them translated into more than 800 copies. If you doubt me, you can check my Amazon author profile here: 

Owen Jones Author profile

Book Sales

However, I have experienced a gradual decline in ebook sales over the last few years, but didn’t notice it because of increased audiobook sales, the production of which I had recently instigated.

One day, I was analysing my sales and realised how much the sales of my core products (ebooks) had dropped.

It flabbergasted me!

It kick started me into action, and I soon found out that my great book covers of seven-ten years ago were old fashioned, and lacking in a current style. I had no concept of book cover fashion or style!

New BookCovers

However, when you think of it like this, it makes perfect sense. If you had a clothing shop, and you dressed the mannequins in the window at the height of fashion on your opening day, would it surprise you if sales diminished over the years using the same display?

Further research revealed that Frank Herbert’s The Dune Series have been assigned completely new book covers every five years since they were first published in the Sixties!


Because it makes sense, style and fashion change, that’s why!

My Example

So, how old are your book, album or website covers, and have sales been declining?

My recent discovery has been a Ukrainian company, and I will give you my link to them after I show you how they improved the ten-year-old cover of my best-selling book.

Daddy's Hobby (old book cover)
Daddy’s Hobby (old)
Daddy's Hobby (new book cover)
Daddy’s Hobby (new)

I have shown these before (left) and after book covers to thousands of readers and writers, and no-one, not a solitary one of them, preferred the old one over the new one.


Reasons given were that the new one is brighter, more colourful, more eye-catching, more modern and more subtle in style.

…and I have to agree, although I was not an immediate convert.

Now, perhaps, I am old-style, but then, perhaps that is the problem! I have no real understanding that new book covers can be a fashion statement; that they can be more interesting to a younger or more fashion-conscious readership.

So, what do you get and for how much?

It’s unbelievable, really. Your new book cover package will include: an ebook cover, a paperback (front and back) cover, a mock-up AND unlimited revisions!

All for less than $40!

Click my affiliate link for more details about the fabulous new book covers:

Yes, I want to read more about getting new book covers!

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