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My Books

It may sound strange, but I started writing most of my books after creating one for someone else, my deceased father, gave me the confidence to do it.

I had started writing a book initially called ‘Behind The Smile’ about six years before, but it was a very long term project and I was finding lots of silly reasons not to push it along t completion.

One stumbling block was the male lead, a secondary character, but another huge problem was actual publication. I simply had no idea how to go about getting the book published when it was finished, so I did not finish it.

Silly when I look back and it was only eighteen months ago!

Anyway, I remembered a promise that I had made to my father before he died, which was to ‘see what you can [I could] do with his papers’ – automatic writings and drawings. I wanted to publish them o his birthday, which was also the tenth anniversary of his passing over.

I did that and discovered indie or self-publishing.

It gave me the courage and the knowledge to publish my own book and then to write more and publish my books myself. I have now published 112 books.

My books fall into a few genres, but some are not distinct.

My flagship series is the trilogy, including my first book, called ‘Behind The Smile ~ the Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya’. I call these fictional biography, but someone said that that did not exist as a genre. The titles of these books are: ‘Daddy’s Hobby’, ‘An Exciting Future’, and ‘Maya – Illusion’.

I think that it ought to, if it does not and have seen this category in some book listings.

The second set of my books, which is still on-going is the ‘Megan Series’, which is about the spiritual development of a young girl. It is accompanied in her case by the development of her psychic powers, so is a book concerning the paranormal.

I like to call this series fictional biography too, but I am happy with fiction>paranormal as well There are two episodes so far (July 2013) ‘The Misconception’ and ‘Megan’s Thirteenth’.

I intend to write one of those a month for the foreseeable future.

The rest of my books, about 107 of them, are on ‘How to do …’ things: domestic, person and business activities. Some are meant as PLR seed articles for other Internet authors.

If you are looking for niche private label rights (PLR) articles, go over to and have a look at my books. Each book contains between fifteen and twenty 500-word articles, all of which were written by my over the last few years, so they are fresh and hardly used.. They just need a bit or rewriting to personalise them.

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