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Megan’s Market – Trading Online

Megan’s Market is a trading place for readers and writers in particular, but anyone in general on our blog Megan Publishing Services

Megan Publishing Services

Megan Publishing Services – the readers’ and indie author’s friend. Our intention is to be useful to readers and writers alike.

Other Languages: Czech, Slovak…

At the time of writing, there are about seven hundred translations and narrations in about thirty-five languages on the Megan Publishing Services blog.

Promotion on Megan Publishing Services

Promotion on Megan Publishing Services is available in several formats for writers and other artists to make their work more widely known

Promotion on Megan Publishing Services

Megan’s Free Audiobook Club

Megan’s Free Audiobook Club Have you caught the recent bug for audiobooks? Or is it audio books? The trend is so new that the jury is still out on the nomenclature, but I am going to use ‘audiobooks’ until it becomes ridiculous to continue to do so. Enter Megan’s Free Audiobook Club! Anyway, I didn’t even …

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My Birthday – August 14th

My Birthday – August 14th It was my birthday yesterday on August the 14th. I am a birthday person in that I love to celebrate other people’s birthdays more than Cristmas and certainly more than new year, but I don’t like celebrating my own. This has something to do with with not like being the …

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