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Welsh Author – Owen Jones

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Welsh Writer’s Top 5 Tips

Welsh Writer’s Top 5 Tips Read More »

How To Write Your First Book As An Indie Author

How To Write Your First Book As An Indie Author Read More »

To People Who Want To Sell Books

To People Who Want To Sell Books Read More »

Google Adsense

When I started thinking of applying for Google AdSense, this blog was receiving a lot of visitors, and Google’s online tool told me that I could earn decent money from it…

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Our Garden Fish Pond

I am hoping that our new garden fish pond will be an area of cool relaxation, tranquillity and delight for us, which will be great for writing. I could do with that as I have not written much over the last few years due a lack of stability in my life and a disappointing drop in sales, which could be the result of a culture shift brought on by Covid 19.

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Today was a big… an important day for me. Today, I left our village for the first time in nine weeks. You are probably assuming that the reason is Covid or even a disability, but that is not the case.

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Indie Book Sales 2021

Indie Book Sales 2021 Read More »

Asian Shorts Audiobook

Asian Shorts International

Asian Shorts International is an anthology of nineteen short stories by nine different authors. Most of them are professional writers but two of them were previously unpublished and one of those went on to write several more books.

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Stories Should Have Something To Say

Don’t you think that Stories Should Have Something To Say? If not what is the point of writing or, even more so, reading them? Distraction? Not me or my books!

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NANOWRIMO 2018 Read More »

A Night in Annwn - a book or story?

Are You Reading A Book Or Story?

I was talking to someone who said that he was reading my book on his tablet. Being a bit of a pedant myself, I had to stop myself from saying something, not least though because I didn’t want to stem his adoration of my work…

Are You Reading A Book Or Story? Read More »

The Lek Series

Linguistic Sloppiness

Linguistic Sloppiness. As my regular readers will know, I am in love with  languages, so I have noticed a strange shift in the BBC’s reporting. When I was a student of the USSR and Russian in the seventies, we talked about THE Ukraine, THE Caucasus et cetera. Now, as a Russian language speaker, I know

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Promotion for Small Businesses in 52 Parts

Marketing Your Work

Marketing Your Artwork Marketing, advertising, promoting, publicising… it’s all basically the same thing, ie getting the word out there that you have something fantastic to sell. So, where do you begin? This may sound odd, but you should begin before you have anything to sell. Let’s say you’re a writer, like I am. You could

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American versus English

American versus English I have had a hard week one way and another, but mostly because of the way different people have a different take on things or even life, I suppose. A lot of it has had to do with language, I think, American versus English and perhaps something to do with gender This

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The Lek Series

Teachers’ Uses for PLR

Teachers’ Uses for PLR A couple of years ago, when work was slack and I was looking for ways of making some extra money, I was nearly forced into teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I was only dreading it because teaching would not suit my temperament and I live in rural Thailand. Living in a

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