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PLR Can Be Useful for Authors

PLR Can Be Useful for Authors

How PLR Can Be Useful for Authors PLR can be very useful to authors, because they are such good writers. That may sound rather odd, but sometimes you just want to put content on a site without having to do all the leg work. If you can trust the source of your PLR, this gives …

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Penpals – Do You Remember Them?


Penpals – Do You Remember Them? When I was a boy, and that was quite a while ago, writing letters, telephoning or sending a telegramme were just about the only means of communication over long distances. Middle-class children were encouraged to write letters, not that I was from that social group, and one of the …

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Mysticism in Fiction

Factual Versus Fictional Writing

Factual Versus Fictional Writing I have been thinking about the differences, the pro’s and con’s of factual versus fictional writing all day, after someone told me that they struggle to read works of fiction, because their reading time is so limited. I understand the time factor, but less so why so-called factual literature should be …

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