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Asian Shorts Audiobook

Asian Shorts International

Asian Shorts Audiobook
Asian Shorts Audiobook

Asian Shorts International

by various authors

translated and narrated

by professionals

collated by

Owen Jones

Asian Shorts International is an anthology of nineteen short stories by nine different authors. Most of them are professional writers but two of them were previously unpublished and one of those went on to write several more books.

The writers live all over the world too, in as much as nine people can, but countries include Cambodia, Canada, England, Thailand, USA, Vietnam and Wales. Their names and brief bios can be found under the list of translations below. free audiobook copies can be obtained in most cases, and other languages are being added as they become available.

The authors contributing to Asian Shorts International, in no particular order, are: Mike Lord, Owen Jones, Bernard Foong, Gay Ingram, Jennifer J. Chow, S. R. Mallery, Trevor Aindow and David Collier.

Please support these authors by checking out  and reading their work.

English Edition

German Edition

Portuguese Edition

Afrikaans Edition

Italian Edition

Authors’ Bios of Contributors to Asian Shorts International:

Mike Lord

Sinagiri, by Mike Lord – Rajah Kasyapu & the Frescoes at Singiriya, in Sri Lanka.

Smashwords: Amazon:

Owen Jones

Owen Jones writes in many genre which you can discover on his here: . His flagship series ‘Behind The Smile ~ The Story of Lek, A Bar Girl in Pattaya’ is here:

Bernard Foong

Bernard Foong (aka Young) is the author of ‘A Harem Boy’s Saga; a memoir’ by Young (seven book series): The first three books in the series – ‘Initiation’, ‘Unbridled’ and ‘Debauchery’ (published by Solstice publishing) are currently available at all Amazon online stores e.g.

Gay Ingram

Gay Ingram writes historical fiction. Mai Lin: Another New Beginning is her latest release. See all her published books at She also contributes a weekly column to

Jennifer J. Chow

Jennifer J. Chow writes Asian-American fiction with a geriatric twist. She is the author of The 228 Legacy, a 2013 Finalist for ’Foreword

Reviews’ Book of the Year Award. She also writes the Winston Wong cozy mystery series under J.J. Chow. Visit her website for more details:

S. R. Mallery

As a former singer, calligrapher, quilt designer, and ESL teacher, S.R. Mallery has been labeled nothing short of ‘eclectic’, see:

As a writer, history is her focus and is woven into her stories with a delicate thread. See

Trevor Aindow

Trevor Aindow is an accomplished bass guitarist who has played with many bands both at home in the UK and while holidaying abroad in Europe and in Asia. His Facebook page is at: or you can contact him on

David Collier

David Collier is the founder and owner of Pattaya’s most famous bookshop the ‘Canterbury Tales Café’ in Soi Chaiyapoon, where he is often to be found reading and drinking coffee. He also runs a very popular Facebook group at:

Daddy’s Hobby – The Story of Lek, A Bar Girl In Pattaya

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