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Contextual Advertising on My Blog

I have finished the basic layout of the blog and worked out what I want it to contain in my head, now I ‘only’ have to make that a reality. Now I wanted some contextual advertising.

Yesterday I made a big mistake trying to get ahead of myself.

I created a dozen or so pages to give the blog structure. These pages contained little more than the title of the page itself. Then, when it was obvious what the blog would look like, I tried to steal a march by asking Bing/Yahoo advertising for permission to place their contextual advertising on my site.

Contextual Advertising

After four days, during which I fleshed out my pages and structure some more, I received a refusal.

They would not tell me exactly why they had knocked me back for contextual advertising, but they referred me to their TOS and one of the reasons on there was that they could not accept sites that were ‘under construction’.

I should have known that and delayed my application until all the pages had been fleshed out, now I will have to wait at least a week or two before I can reapply for contextual advertising, costing me more time than if I had waited!

More haste, less speed, as they say 🙂

However, there could be another reason for the knock-back on contextual advertising, which is also worth considering.

Bing/Yahoo want the majority of the blog’s visitors to come from the USA, the UK and Canada. I understand that and can see why and all mine always do with a sprinkling of Irish, Aussies and Kiwis for good measure.

Bing/ Yahoo want to expose their clients’ contextual advertising to ‘rich people with credit cards’.

However, with a new site like this one, the developer’s country shows up an awful lot and I am in Thailand. At the moment, I have made 2,053 visits there this month, checking and adding et cetera and 543 American visitors have been there (or here :-))

I would bet a pound to a penny that I am the only one in Thailand that has ever been to my blog, so it looks like Thai visitors outnumber Americans by about 4:1, but  the true stats are 543:1 Americans to people in Thailand !

The moral of the story? Don’t rush into things! 🙂

But I will get that contextual advertising, I know I will 🙂

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