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Bookshop at Megan Publishing

Bookshop at Megan Publishing
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Bookshop at Megan Publishing

I have just about finished implementing a bookshop on this site, so I hope that you like it, because I can honestly tell you that I found it hard-going!

Anyway, it seems to be working now 🙂

Listings in the bookshop are paid-only, but I know what budgets can be like, so I hope that you will find the rates to list in our bookshop very reasonable.

They start, at most expensive, at $2.50 per month per book!

For your $2.50, you get to put one image up, a description and a link. The link can go anywhere you like, say, your own web site or to your affiliate link to your book-seller. I do not earn any commission from these links. I suggest that you use a link-shortener to prevent commission fraud.

The best deal, which will also suit busy people, and aren’t we all, is the Maxi-Plan, which allows four images (author and three book covers?) and lasts for two months in the bookshop. That costs $14.99, which I think you will agree is pretty reasonable – three books for nine weeks!

Anyway, that is not all you get.

There is a search box only dedicated to our bookshop and a random selection of bookshop ads on every blog page including the home page!

Adverts are restricted to books for the foreseeable future and advertisers will be informed when their ads are about to expire.

There are about a dozen genre on the system at the moment, but I will add more if an advertiser wants, free of charge. One quirk was that ‘Erotica’ came next to ‘Children’ in the natural order of things, so I had to demote it to the bottom of the list.

I hope that writers of erotica will not take it as a personal slur on their genre 🙂

A further limitation of the system is that I cannot enter sub-genres, so if you want to be more specific, I suggest that you put that in your blurb.

As far as the amount of traffic goes, the average amount of traffic per month is 50,000+ page views – in June 2014 it was 56,854 page views or 83,135 hits

I am quite happy to disclose traffic details to advertisers, but as a guide, the ad will show how many times it has been viewed anyway.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me – there is a contact form on the top Navbar.

Good Luck,


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