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Uses for PLR

Suggestions on uses for PLR or pre-written content. PLR can be used in many ways to make money, promote one’s business and educate one’s children.

Read the articles to find out more.

How to Rewrite PLR Articles

This article will show you How to Rewrite PLR Articles. However, there is no hard and fast rule, because it must fit in with the puclication’s existing content and stle. Click through…

eBook Marketing

PLR Marketing is a very useful tool in the struggle to keep a company’s website fresh and vibrant. Rea on to see how it can help you

PLR Blog

Use PLR to create a PLR Blog, by which is meant a blog on any topic, that has been developed quickly using PLR to get it off the ground

How to Make the Most of a PLR Bundle

Before you invest in a PLR bundle, think about who you’re targeting and what kind of content they need. PLR bundles vary in quality so check them carefully.

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