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Owen Ceri Jones

Owen Ceri Jones AKA Owen Jones
Owen Ceri Jones AKA Owen Jones

AKA simply Owen Jones

Owen Ceri Jones’ is a Welsh author who only uses part of his name when writing. In some ways, that jas turned out to be a mistake, because there is a more well-known writer whose name is also Owen Jones. Megan Publishing Services handle all his books.

They are frequently confused although they look nothing alike. In fact, Owen Ceri Jones is probably 30 years older than the other one.

Fate Twister

One of Owen Ceri Jones’ novels, Fate Twister, has been translated into numerous languages. For example, in Spanish, it is known as Cambiar el Destino, and in Portuguese as Capricho do Destino. However, all the book covers look the same so that the novel is instantly recognisable throughout the world.

Daddy’s Hobby

He has also written a series of books called Behind The Smile based on fictitious characters in a fictitious bar called Daddy’s Hobby, which is full of pattaya beach road girls.

People refer to the first volume as the Behind The Smile book, but this is a misnomer.

The Disallowed

Another book he has written is called The Disallowed. It is Owen (Ceri) Jones’ only genuine attempt at a comedy novel, but it is probably better described as humorous, since his sense of humour is very dry. Nevertheless, people call it ‘the funny vampire book’.

If you are a real reader, look out for novels by Owen Jones, because one day, you will be wishing that you had read him earlier.

British Library

In fact, Owen Ceri Jones has been writing for fifty years, but the first things that he published were websites. 146 of them to be exact. However, he took them down in 2013 because he couldn’t keep them up-to-date and write novels.

So, in 2013, he took to writing novels seriously. By the end of 2013, he had published six novels. Now, ten years later, that has become 1,250. Incredible, I hear you think. Impossible. Bull… Nevertheless, you can go to the British Library online and check for yourself ☺️

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