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Exciting Soi Nana – Sukhumvit Road

Soi Nana – Sukhumvit Road is an ancient, narrow street located in the heart of Bangkok. It is also one of its most infamous red light areas

Spellbinding Pattaya Beach Road

Spellbinding Pattaya Beach Road is magical both by day and night. There are magical views seawards, and great entertainment and food to land

Bar Girls in Pattaya

The bar girls in Pattaya are pretty famous all over the world. Perhaps especially among men, but how much do you really know about them?

Soi Nana – Sukhumvit Soi 4 – Fun or Frightening?

Soi Nana, aka Sukhumvit Soi 4, is located in the heart of what most foreign tourists would call Bangkok’s Red Light District.

Pattaya Beach Road

Pattaya Beach Road is one of the most famous streets in Thailand. It is located on the eastern side of Pattaya Bay and The Gulf of Thailand.

Tiger Lily Of Bangkok – Prowling Avenger!

Tiger Lily of Bangkok – The Prowling Avenger is a deadly assassin who hunts the streets looking for victims. She is looking for revenge on paedophiles!

Daddy’s Hobby by Owen Jones

Daddy’s Hobby by Owen Jones is the first novel from this Welsh writer. It explores why so many girls work in Pattaya and how they fare

Other Languages: Czech, Slovak…

At the time of writing, there are about seven hundred translations and narrations in about thirty-five languages on the Megan Publishing Services blog.

Spontaneous Parties

There is election fever in the air in our village, which often results in more than the usual amount of exuberance and drinking and spontaneous parties. I’m not sure what the election is

Garden Snakes

The photo is of either a Paradise Snake or a Golden Tree Snake, both of which are so-called flying snakes. It is totally harmless, but still quite a shock when you find one wrapped around your front door handle first thing in the morning.

My Village Pub Crawl

A Village Pub Crawl is often the highlight of my social life in the village. I don’t speak Thai well enough to hold a decent conversation, but I do like to say ‘Hello’ as I wander around the village.

Beach Road Pattaya in Amazing Thailand

Beach Road in Pattaya is the busiest road in the city of Pattaya as far as tourists, pedestrians and vehicles are concerned. It is also the most scenic because Beach Road runs literally the width of the pavement from the golden sand of the clean beach and only metres from the sparkling blue sea.

Mushrooms in Thailand

If you know any ex-pats who live in Thailand, you might sometimes hear them referring to themselves strangely as ‘mushrooms’…

Village Food in Thailand

Takeaway Thai village food is usually provided by more mature ladies, who often have no other means of support. These people know their onions… the food is excellent, but it is meant for general consumption.

My Koi Carp

I was surprised when one of the larger fish, the red one, nudged my hand. It sped off, but slowly returned and did the same again.

Side-effects of COVID-19

There have been several medical side-effects of COVID 19 noted, but I want to talk about social side-effects.

Our Garden Fish Pond

I am hoping that our new garden fish pond will be an area of cool relaxation, tranquillity and delight for us, which will be great for writing. I could do with that as I have not written much over the last few years due a lack of stability in my life and a disappointing drop in sales, which could be the result of a culture shift brought on by Covid 19.

My Covid-19 Vaccination Experience In Thailand

My wife has had Chinese Sinovacs, European AstraZeneca and American Pfizer injections, and that seems to me to give the best protection from Covid 19 you can get! I’ve had three Pfizers.

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