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Yesterday was a busy day in the scheme of the the way my retired life has panned out. Although I am still an active author, I don’t get to write much, and the the tasks that I have to perform to maintain my existence in Thailand are even fewer.

I’ll explain that a little more fully. I have written 175 books, but they have been narrated and translated into 1,000+ other books, so most of my active day is spent promoting those 1,200 books.

As far as tasks needed to be performed in order to be allowed to remain in Thailand: 1) I need a visa, which I obtained last Friday; 2) I need health insurance and 3) I need adequate protection from Covid 19. Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I had our booster injections, and last night we arranged our health insurance.

So, by our standards, yesterday was an extremely busy day.

My Koi Carp

By now, you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with Koi carp… Well, nothing really, but in between those two events my wife, a few friends and I had a meal of whitebait, pumpkin and beer, and then we went home. I sat in the garden by our new fish pond and dangled a hand in the water lazily.

I was surprised when one of the larger fish, the red one, nudged my hand. It sped off, but slowly returned and did the same again.

It repeated this action about half a dozen times, but as it completed the last touching, it flipped over on its back, gasped for air and died… all in about three minutes!

Now, what I would like to know is: was that fish asking for my help, or did something on my hand kill it?

If you have an opinion, whether you know Koi carp well or not, please leave your thoughts below.

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