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My Village Pub Crawl

A man on a mission…

A man on a mission…

We refer to it as my village pub crawl because, about once a week, while trying to boost the number of steps I take in a seven-day period, I also stop in some of the shops along the way for a bottle of cold beer Chang. I say shops on purpose, because there are no pubs or hotels in our village.

In earlier times, I used to enjoy my stroll around the village once a week, normally on a Saturday, but what with Covid and an increased workload, that has reduced itself to at most once per month.

Today, I am especially on the look out for an electrical screwdriver. Small jobs are building up at home, and, it’s always the same, isn’t it, when you need something, you can’t find it. Actually, I suspect that it has been loaned out and not returned, which is often the way of things.

Not that I have needed a screwdriver for at least six years 🙂 I did have one though, I used to have a pretty good set of basic tools, but they have all vanished.

Hence my walk-about today, or that is my excuse anyway.

Shop crawl

Ninety percent of the people in our village are farmers, or farm labourers. So, they are very practical people, but I don’t think that that guarantees my finding a screwdriver here. It’s funny, now that I think of it. However, but the number one item on sale in this farming community is food. They have the best fresh food in the world at their fingertips, yet they hunger after Western junk food like crisps and sandwiches. Not that I consider all sandwiches junk food. However, Thai bread is dreadfully sweet and they stuff their sandwiches with sweet, sugary fillings. Thai food is fabulous, but they generally make a pig’s ear of copying the Western junk food that they see on TV.

Anyway, I have now checked out two shops so far, but there hasn’t been a screwdriver in sight…

I will soldier on.

In the fourth shop, I strike it lucky! I find a box of six electronic, and a packet of three electrical screwdrivers for a total of £2.50. I’m happy with that, although the beer consumed on my village pub crawl came to £8.25 :-). Still, mission accomplished, although I will probably have to carry out the jobs tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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