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First of all, I think that we had better agree on our terminology using the phrase ‘travel plr ebook’ as an example. PLR stands for ‘private label rights’, which I have always found confusing, but it is definitely not the same PLR as the British Library uses, which has to do with ‘public lending rights’. Our term means that someone has written an article and is giving or selling you the right to use it. This right may be completely free of restrictions, or there may be exclusions to it.

So, a Travel PLR Ebook is generally considered to be a collection of related niche content articles. In the case of the niche content ebooks that I have put together (on this site), I have written all of the chapters in the books myself, and there are typically about 15 500-word pieces in each book.

It is important that the content of these books is ‘fresh’, that is, that it has not been overused. Cheap PLR articles are usually old, and search engines have seen them before, and so will mark them as duplicate content, penalising any website that uses them. This is why I always recommend rewriting niche PLR content a little, so that you know that it is original.

Let’s look into how you might use a Travel PLR Ebook as an example.

Travel PLR

Travel is an unusually broad subject, so it would be very easy to find travel PLR articles. Let’s say that you run a travel blog, whether it is full of your own experiences or it is an affiliate marketing site doesn’t really matter. An active blog needs several new articles a week to keep the search engines happy, to hold or improve your Page rank. This is time-consuming, and there are periods when time may be short. Over the (school) holidays, over New Year, during sickness, for example. At these times, it is handy to have a batch of articles that you can turn to to plug the gap.

My travel PLR ebooks of, say, 15 niche PLR articles, would cover a lot of sick days, or give you a fortnight off over Christmas and the New Year. You could also use these travel PLR articles in newsletters, if you are concerned about only using guaranteed original material. They would be great for an affiliate marketing campaign, in which you are promoting holidays.

A travel PLR ebook of 15 niche, targeted articles, would also be enough to put up a website or blog quickly. You could use ten articles to populate the blog, and use five articles to promote it around social media! In a morning, you would have a fully-functioning Travel Blog that you could further improve later on at your leisure.

Many writers look down on PLR articles, but if used correctly travel PLR or a travel PLR ebook can be a boon for a travel business.

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