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Heinz 57 Baby

Heinz 57 Baby

A long-gone concept…

My brother, Roddy, was a Heinz 57 Baby. Do you have any idea what that means? Searching the Internet will not help you, and Google’s results will be particularly disheartening. Google is not a real searcher of Truth any longer, it is a provider of shopping opportunities.

It is very sad.

So, getting back to my brother. He was born two and a half years after me in February 1957, and according to my Mother, who has long since passed away, there was a Heinz 57 competition, or reward, for any baby born on the 57th day of that year, which is obviously February 26th.

Heinz 57 Baby

My little brother Roddy appeared as if on queue and my Mother claimed his prize as a lucky baby. 

Well, that was 65 years ago. He died 43 years ago and our Mother died shortly before him, so I have no point of reference as to what Heinz awarded a Heinz Baby in those days.

I seem to remember that it was a year’s worth of baby food, but 57 day’s worth would make more sense. A tin a day, but that seems rather mean for a reward that can be awarded only once in a company’s history.

If you have any information about the 1957 baby award, I’d love to read it. Please let us know using the comments section below.

As I said above, searching the Internet using the term “Heinz 57 Baby promotion” only revealed really boring adverts for Heinz baby food. You’d think that they would have more respect for their history than that, wouldn’t you?

Heinz Food

I will never buy another Heinz 57 food product again.

Anyway, I remember my little brother Roddy winning a prize in the Heinz 57 Baby promotion, even if no-one at Heinz remembers, or cares, that the promotion ever took place. 

Happy Birthday, Rod!

Best wishes,


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