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Owen Jones, Amazon Best-Selling author from Barry, Wales, has lived in several countries and travelled in many more. While studying Russian in the USSR in the '70's, he hobnobbed with spies on a regular basis. After university, in Suriname, he got caught up in the 1982 coup, when he was accused of being a mercenary. Later, while a company director, he joined the crew of four as the galley slave to sail, from Barry to Gibraltar on a home-made concrete yacht during Desert Storm. En voyage, the yacht was almost rammed by a Russian oil tanker, and an American aircraft carrier - The Atlantic Challenger. Since 2004, he has lived mainly in the UK, Spain and Thailand. He now leads a somewhat quieter life in his wife's remote, northern farming village writing, editing and increasing the number of translations, and narrations of his novels. As he says: ”Born in the Land of Song, living in the Land of Smiles”.

Welsh Writer’s Top 5 Tips

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Book Cover Sense

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My Village Pub Crawl

A Village Pub Crawl is often the highlight of my social life in the village. I don’t speak Thai well enough to hold a decent conversation, but I do like to say ‘Hello’ as I wander around the village.

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Heinz 57 Baby

My brother, Roddy, was a Heinz 57 Baby. Do you have any idea what that means? Searching the Internet will not help you, and Google’s results will be particularly disheartening. Google is not a real searcher of Truth any longer, it is a provider of shopping opportunities.

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