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Village Food in Thailand

Village food in Thailand

Healthy Thai food

You may have read elsewhere on this site about how a typical Thai family cook targets meals to the family’s health. However, some people do not have anyone to cook for them, or the family cook does not know the craft in detail. It is easy to understand how this can happen. Parents can die young, or perhaps didn’t know themselves because they flew to the city to earn more money, for example. Such people often rely on takeaways, as they do in the West.

Healthy Village Food

Takeaway Thai village food is usually provided by more mature ladies, who often have no other means of support. These people know their onions… the food is excellent, but it is meant for general consumption.

So, it is not targeted at any one person’s specific health problems.

How could it be?

Thai Cooking

However, that is not a big problem, when you compare bags of home-made Thai village takeaway food, as in the picture above, with boxes of Macdonald’s chicken nuggets for who knows what the poor chickens were fed on, how they lived or how they died?

Village Food is not like that, you only have to know what is best for you yourself.

I was walking around the village at five o’clock this evening and stopped at a shop for a beer. An elderly woman placed eight bags of home-made village food on the counter next to me at 50p each. She had sold the lot within 30 minutes.

Village Take-Aways

£4…wow, big deal, you may be thinking, but if she does that twice a day and makes 50% profit, it is a massive supplement to her £15 a month state pension.

And what trouble is it to cook a bit extra when you are cooking for the old man anyway?

As I am was walking away, she was just delivering six more bags of barbecued meatballs for the evening diners.

Softly, softly, eh?

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