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Modern Digital Designs

…Finally, so far, that is, some authors are putting the 3-D cover with the blurb on a relevant background image, and that is the bee’s knees in book advertising covers for me.

Dere V14 Air Notebook

This is my review of the Dere V14 Air Notebook that I have been using in my home office for the last eighteen months as my main computer

The Cloud - An 'Internet Service Provider'

The Cloud – An Internet Service Provider

The Cloud is An ‘Internet Service Provider’ in the Barry area, although it could exist nationwide for all I know. It tends to be used in the larger bars

Search Engines - is Google always the best?

Search Engines

Search Engines I should imagine that if I asked a hundred people, which is the best search engine, at least ninety percent would say Google, but how many of them ever consider using other search engines? Google has done such a tremendous job of PR that it now attracts at least 85% of search queries. …

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Facebook Friends 2

Facebook Friends Part 1

Facebook Friends Part 1 I recently ran a campaign to drum up support for for my latest novel, and a large part of that took place on Facebook. However, I only had 1,100 Facebook friends and it soon became apparent that I would need at least double that for a campaign of thirty days. Now, …

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Facebook Friends 2

Facebook Friends Part 2

Facebook Friends Part 2 (From part one: “Then there was a huge group of ‘beautiful women’. This group is the one I found most interesting. Naturally…”) I would say there were about four hundred in my group of new Facebook friends. They all came from Texas, and most of them from Austin. None of them …

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