The Cloud – An ‘Internet Service Provider’

The Cloud – An ‘Internet Service Provider’

Many people rely on the Internet these days for their daily communication and entertainment. Television is dire, and people don’t talk much anymore… at least, they don’t tend to talk to the ones around them. People sit in groups, but talk to people miles away via the Internet. I am one of the worst, I wouldn’t use a pub that didn’t offer WI-Fi Internet. Most pubs, clubs and restaurants do offer Internet access, but some of them offer it via an Internet Service Provider called The Cloud.

I am not sure how extensive The Cloud network is, but several pubs in our area (Barry, South Wales) are connected to it.

Most establishments use ISP’s that are available to the public like Virgin, BT, Sky or whatever and they seem to function well no matter how busy the places are. On the other hand, many pubs and restaurants are quite small, and so, Internet access is unlikely to be overloaded often.

However, some of the largest pubs now use an ISP called The Cloud. I’m talking about places like Whetherspoon’s and similar sized businesses. I don’t know what The Cloud costs to install, but in my experience, the results are dreadful.

You have to register to able to use it, and once you have created an ‘identity’, it is supposedly your calling card anywhere that uses The Cloud. It sounds all right, but pubs with private accounts don’t require my personal details in order to use them. This data can be sold, so, in effect, you are paying for your Internet access.

Why do larger bars need to do this when smaller ones don’t? Not only that, but Internet access via The Cloud is far inferior to that of normal ISP’s. Surely, the traffic in larger pubs should allow them to provide superior access, not the opposite?

If micro bars can afford to pay for decent Internet access for their customers, why can’t larger ones? It doesn’t make sense to me…

Contempt is the only word that springs to mind… and they make us pay for it…

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Podcast: The Cloud – An ‘Internet Service Provider’