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Asus Laptop F541U

Asus F541U Laptop Computer

Asus Laptop F541U
Asus Laptop F541U

Asus F541U Laptop Computer

I have had laptop computers  of various makes since 2004. My main bugbear with them was that the battery either died the day after the insurance ran out, or its capacity to hold a charge reduced dramatically – like say from three hours to thirty minutes. Overnight!

They also got hot, some very hot, on the front edge, where your wrists rest, which I always thought strange, seeing as the battery was always situated at the back.

Anyway, the laptop that I just had to replace, or not ‘had to’, but thought it prudent to, was an Asus Laptop X54C. It is now four and a quarter years old, and still working fine, but it has started making noises like a buzz saw, and a month ago, its battery capacity dropped from three hours to forty minutes.

That in itself is astounding – thank you, Asus – but it also boasts Ice Cold technology, which kept the front of the Asus laptop cold and probably added to the life of the amazing battery.

So, when looking to replace it, I was tending towards another Asus laptop. My only problem with my old Asus was that the USB ports, one on either side, were right at the front (on the side) so it took me ages to learn not to hit them with my little fingers. See the review elsewhere on this blog).

Anyway, the designers at Asus have not learned from that mistake, but they have made an even worse one with the on/off button. It is now where the ‘End’ (of row) button used to be!!!

On the first day of using the computer, I must have switched it off inadvertently thirty times! Cursing Asus for their stupidity each time. Now, a week later, I only do it once a day, but it is still a silly, basic design fault. Come on Asus, you can do better than that!

I bought my new Asus Laptop F541U in Spain this time, and there was no manual in English, which I consider another oversight. The salesman assured me that I could find it on line with no trouble. Why, Oh, why am I so trusting? I haven’t found one yet! Oh, sorry, I have found articles that say they are English manuals for the Asus F541U, but are not when you pull them up.

My other criticism is that pressing the keys the keyboard does not always produce the expected result. For example, the ‘n’ key provides the ‘:’ and the ‘;’, and there are some problems with the symbols on the numeral keys too. I suspect that that is a result of my having chosen English as my input language, and Set-up therefore having chosen the wrong keyboard driver for my model, but it is still an obstacle that I would rather not have to live with.

I will not bother you with the specs of the computer, you can look them up yourself easily enough, but suffice it enough for me to say that it is a fast machine and the display is better than any TV I have ever seen! It is stunning…

The Ice-Cold technology is still there, which I appreciate, and the battery life is three and a half hours, which I think is great. If it holds that ability for a few years, I will be a happy user.

There is an extra USB port too – a USB-3, which is beyond me at the moment, as are some of the other sockets, but the Asus Laptop F541U is obviously an advanced computer, it is just that I am having trouble finding out what it can do!

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