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Outlook and Thunderbird Email Clients


Outlook and Thunderbird Email Clients

I have been using Outlook by Microsoft since 1994, along with the rest of the Office Suite. I admit that I didn’t renew the package every year, but had Office 1993 and then 2003 for ages until support for them was discontinued recently. Outlook was the first of the 2003 suite to start to misbehave, so I needed to replace it.

I didn’t like the deals that were on offer, so I tried Open Office. That is a good substitute, but there is no email client, so I had to keep looking. I tried several, but eventually alighted on Thunderbird by Mozilla, although I think I heard that they will cast Thunderbird adrift soon.

It is difficult to change after twenty-years of using the same method, so it was expected that I would find the problems with Thunderbird rather than the benefits first. Having said that, the biggest drawback for me is that I have to check all thirty-one of my email accounts and empty their respective rubbish bins separately. Why can’t there be just one button to empty all the junk, dross and read items?

Anyway, you can get used to that, especially since Thunderbird handles junk email so well, although you have to deal with the junk for each account separately too. Other filters are better. You can set up filters (fot each account again, but have all the email trapped by them sent to one account.

Perhaps I haven’t found out how to use Thunderbird in the best possible way yet, but I am becoming happier with it by the day and recommend it.

I am currently testing out it with the WPS office suite, but I haven’t worked out whether that is free or just a trial, since it is free to me on my Kindle, and was offered to me on my new Asus laptop.

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