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MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI

MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI

MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI
MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI

MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI

I am back in the remote Thai village of my wife’s birth, where we have a house. We have moved to Spain, but when we lived here, until five months ago, we had an Internet connection from the local telecom company, but it has been discontinued. So, I was stuck without Internet in a village where the only things to do are work and sleep.

Some holiday!

Anyway, my daughter bought me an MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI for 2,000 Baht (£40, $60). My first thought was that it was expensive, but then I realised that if it worked, it would free me and give me something to do. Still, a 2,000 Baht second-hand Iphone could probably do the same.

Anyway, this small, lightweight unit is quite powerful. It comes with an AIS SIMM card (AIS is a regional phone company). That card lasted me four days, but I suspect that it wasn’t the real deal, it was a cut-down thing to prove that the gadget worked.  A real SIMM card cost 100 Baht (£2, $3) and is good for 500 GB. 4Gig had been ‘used’ when I bought it, but in the last two days, I have used 1.87GB, which includes listening to the BBC World Service all night.

So, my 100 Baht is going to go a long way – at least my three-month’s holiday. That makes it cheaper than having the phone company install a connection. Furthermore, the MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI can handle ten connections simultaneously, so that is my computer, my Kindle and my phone, plus those of my wife and daughter… and, I am not tied to the house!

Because it is essentially a mobile phone connection, I can go anywhere I can get a signal. In fact, I am currently in a remote shop, which doesn’t have Wi-Fi, enjoying a beer and the proprietor’s daughter is using my MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI too.

It is nice to be able to spread a little happiness 🙂

I have not tested the range of the MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI yet,  but it certainly works for 30m. In fact, AIS reception is not the best inside our house, but it is fine in the garden, so I leave the MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI out there and work in my office.

Yes, I know that I’m supposed to be on holiday!

The device also comes with its own home page where you can adjust how it works and send SMS (handy for the Kindle). I love the MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI and recommend it to people who need Wi-Fi wherever they go. Small bars, coffee shops and restaurants can also afford this to provide the Wi-Fi that people expect these days.

I suspect that my MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI will only work in Thailand as it is, but there are country settings on the homepage and I saw a document on the Internet explaining how the MF910L AIS 4G Pocket WI-FI could be unlocked. I’m taking mine back to Spain.

I’ll let you know.

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