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Dere V14 Air Notebook

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Dere V14 Air Notebook with warped mouse pad

This article is my own personal experience with the Dere V14 Air Notebook, which I bought a little while ago. I will not be going into all the specifications of this device, because you can find this information on the manufacturer’s website. I will say that it comes with Windows 10 Pro and the Intel core i7 processor though.

Dere V14 Air Notebook

My first impression was that the Dere V14 Air Notebook is small and came with unadvertised accessories. I have been using 17 inch laptops for a decade, and didn’t realise how much smaller 14 inches is. That is my fault. I should have done. However, it becomes a real problem when you transfer your spreadsheets across. If they were made to make full use of the larger screen, then there will be data that is not visible without scrolling, and if you resize the spreadsheet, the data will appear very small. You may need (stronger) glasses!

It is very light, but that was not a reason why I bought this device anyway.

Computer Accessories

The screen shows very vivid colours. It is the best screen I have ever worked with without a shadow of a doubt. It is very easy on the eyes. The sound capabilities of the Dere V14 Air Notebook are, however, not in the same league. I listen to the radio a lot when I am working, or not, too, but I can often hardly hear it, which is completely unlike the Asus machines that I have been using for the last seven or eight years.

I will need to buy external speakers.

The Dere V14 Air laptop does not come with a carrying case, which I consider to be a serious fault. Why would a company that is proud of itself not provide a case with its name on it? In fact, this computer doesn’t have its name on it at all.

That is just weird!

And another strange thing is the camera. It is on the hinge with the screen. I don’t know whether it is an Asian/Caucasian thing, but in normal work mode, the camera is focusing just above my head. I suppose that is why they give you a free external camera, which should be unnecessary.

Yet another ‘free accessory’ that should be unnecessary is the USB hub. This device has only ONE measly USB port in this day and age! I am sure that the original specifications stated two ports – one normal and one high-speed. I would never have bought a computer with just one.

The three best features of this $600 laptop are the screen, the Intel core i7 CPU and the solid-state drive (SSD). It is so fast! I didn’t know what I was missing, and will never go back to spinning disks.

My feelings are mixed at the moment, but I think that I just about come down on the side of the Dere V14 Air Notebook.

Dere Air Review Update After Six Months Use

That last paragraph above is wrong. I would never buy another one of Dere’s products!


1] It is very fast

2] It is very light

3] The colours are fantastic


1] The mouse pad distorts with the temperature! Sometimes, it distorts so much that it stops working. I think that the keyboard moves too, but I am not quite so sure as I use the black overlay they provide – otherwise the characters on the keys are difficult to read.

2] The sound system is completely inadequate.

3] Having only one USB port is really annoying. Yes, they provided a very cheap USB hub, but the Dere fails to recognise it quite often. I bought an expensive hub, but the problem persists. Perhaps the motherboard is distorting with the mouse pad.

4] It should have come with a mouse and a carrying case.

Review Summary

Now I know why the manufacturer has not written it’s name on this notebook. Basically, the Dere V14 Air Notebook is an embarrassment. It’s a cheap model that has not been designed very well (eg: the camera and speakers), and even has bits missing (eg: extra USB ports, mouse, carrying case, and heat-resistant housing).

The screen and the SSD are the only things it has going for it, and it’s just not enough for me.

My rating is 4/10

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