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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Liverpool vs Real Madrid
Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

It was Liverpool vs Real Madrid in some football cup final or other in our local pub in Fuengirola this evening. Well, I suppose it was in nearly everybody’s local too. I am not really into football. However, many of my friends are at various levels from professional to fanatic, so I try to take an interest in the most important games.

People started to arrive early to ensure a good seat and the tension was rising ever higher as it filled. Normally, the clientele is predominantly British and Spanish, but this night it was French and Spanish, although they were split fairly evenly in their support. However, more people seemed to be talking about the game than watching it as far as I could see.

There was never a hint of animosity, even though the noise level was quite deafening once the game got going. By the second half, I think that everyone was supporting the Spanish team as I didn’t notice any sad faces when the game was over.

Football and Me

The Liverpool vs Real Madrid match was the first football match that I remember watching in the last five years, so, as usual, I didn’t really know what was going on. However, I do enjoy the atmosphere, and the Spanish really love their sport, so watching any football game in Spain is a flight of emotion. There were fans of all ages and both sexes in the bar and everybody was shouting their team on.

Free food and cheap drinks ensured that everybody had a wonderful time. I would be watching again, but it was the last game of the season, so I’m told. It seems that I catch on too slowly.

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