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Books translated into Russian - an example
Books translated into Russian

If you are looking for books translated into Russian, you’ve come to the right place! We have a number of acclaimed novels by Owen Jones available. These books were first written in English, but were selected and translated into Russian by professional Russian translators. They are from various genres as the Welsh author does not have a favourite, although many of the novels reflect his Welsh background and belief in a life after death, in which the living and ‘the dead’ can communicate. His books are usually set in either his native Wales, his beloved Spain, or the country where he now lives, Thailand.

This is the list of books translated into Russian available as I am writing this blog post.

Books by Welsh Writer Owen Jones translated into Russian

Behind The Smile – «Что скрывает улыбка»

Behind The Smile is a series of seven novels on the life of Lek, a bar girl in Pattaya. This fictional biography isset in Pattaya, Thailand, which is probably Asia’s hottest holiday destination. It is world-famous for its nightlife and bar girls. Jones has had a twenty-year association with the city, and knows it very well. The girls in a bar that he came to know very well asked him to write their story. In fact, it is based on the stories that the girls of this bar told him. Daddy’s Hobby, the first novel in the series, was his first book, and remains his best-seller. A high percentage of the British and American male visitors to Pattaya will have read, or at least heard of, this series.

Behind The Smile is available in nine languages. Dasha Elsova translated the Russian edition.

The Ghouls of Calle Goya – Упыри c улицы Гойя

The Ghouls of Calle Goya is a fantasy horror thriller that is based on a true story that befell the author and his wife while living in Fuengirola, Spain. Locations for the story are in Norway, Britain, Spain and Thailand, and it tells the story of how a newly-wed couple fall foul of an international secret society while on their honeymoon in Fuengirola. As in most of Jones’ realistic novels, the street names and places actually exist.

The Ghouls of Calle Goya is available in eleven languages. Nattyasam translated the Russian edition.

Fate Twister – Судьбоносец

Fate Twister is a fantasy coming-of-age story, and tells the story of the early life of Wayne Gamm, who was born into a family of witches in the mountains of north Wales near Dolgellau. That is, most people would call it a fantasy or a supernatural fantasy, but Jones believes that everything that he writes about in this novel are possible, and in fact, are reality for millions of people around the world today.

“The word ‘witch’ still carries the mostly pejorative meaning that was attached to it by the Catholic church in the Middle Ages. Witch Hunts, torture and murder were the results. Furthermore, Hollywood perpetuates an absurd image of witches and warlocks”, he says. “My mother was a self-proclaimed White Witch, and my father said that her mother was an old witch too!” he says only half jokingly. “My parents did not bring my brothers and me up to think that this was at all unusual”.

Fate Twister reflects those opinions, as do several of Jones’ other novels.

Fate Twister is available in five languages. Natalija Cvetkova translated the Russian edition.

The Psychic Megan Series – Экстрасенс Меган Сериал

The Psychic Megan Series is a series of twenty-four novelettes in English. However, only a few of them have been translated into Russian. It tells the story of a young, psychic teenager called Megan, and takes place in a fictional town called Feyton, which closely resembles the author’s home town, Barry, in South Wales. It too belongs to the class of paranormal fantasy fiction. However, it is based on the lives of Jones and his mother rolled into one character – Megan.

In the first volume, The Misconception, Megan’s mother has locked her in the coal cellar for saying that she can see auras around people. Her mother will not tolerate such talk, because she fears the paranormal, and may even be psychic herself. This did actually happen to Jones’ mother. Other aspects of the story actually happened to Jones himself, but he has rolled them all into the life of the central character, Megan.

The Psychic Megan Series is available in thirty-seven languages. Oksana Rindina translated the Russian edition of The Misconception.

The Disallowed – Запрещенные

The Disallowed is a fantasy comedy. It takes place whole in the mountains of northern Thailand near Chiang Rai. This story is Jones’ only attempt at comedy so far, although he himself describes it as merely humorous. It tells the story of a goatherd farmer by the name of Heng Lee and his family and starts one day when Heng is feeling weak. He decides to visit the village Shaman, who is also his ancient aunty Da. Her diagnosis of Heng’s problem, and the resulting cure, affect the Lee family and indeed, the whole village for ever!

The Disallowed is available in twenty-four languages. Hebs Orest translated the Russian edition.

Tiger Lily of Bangkok – Тигровая Лилия из Бангкока

Tiger Lily of Bangkok is the name of the series and the first volume in it. It falls into the genre of Revenge Fiction. Lily was born into a Chinese-Thai family in a village in Isaan on a bank of the Mekong River. She was a happy child, living in a happy family, in a hard-working but happy village. Her idyllic life continued until an ‘uncle’ – a friend of the family – started abusing her when she was eleven years old. Lily became morose, introverted and quiet, but no-one seemed to notice. If her parents had known, they did nothing about it, so Lily found her own way out of her awful predicament. However, while her action freed her from her abuser, it made the villagers fear her, so her isolation continued.

She longed to get away from the village that she had once loved so much. She even wanted to get away from her parents, who had not helped her when she had needed them the most. Her opportunity came when they accepted her onto a medical course at a university in Bangkok. However, damage had already been done to Lily. She brooded, got angry and wanted revenge… revenge on paedophiles, and Tiger Lily of Bangkok – The Avenger came into existence!

Tiger Lily of Bangkok is available in twelve languages. Natalija Cvetkova translated the Russian edition.

The number of books translated into Russian on this blog continues to grow steadily, so please come back to check often. If you are curious about our books translated into Russian, please visit this page on our blog:

Books Translated into Russian

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