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A Boring Sunday

A Boring Sunday
A Boring Sunday

A Boring Sunday

I really can’t understand Kobo’s attitude. I know they won’t write to me today because it’s Sunday, but they blocked selling Behind The Smile II for suspected ‘illegal activity’ yet haven’t answered any of my three emails asking what they mean exactly. I thought it was only Google and Microsoft who considered themselves above talking to the public. The very least they could do would be acknowledge my emails and say they can’t discuss the matter, but they seem to have chosen the pig-ignorant option.

Kobo is a big disappointment to me. Now I’m wondering whether it’s worth putting my books on Nook.

It is exceptionally hot today, so Jem’s mother has put the sprinkler on the metal roof over the table where I sit for a few beers most afternoons. It’s funny, because it has awoken all the frogs and toads that live in the flower pots around the table, but nowhere else. They must be wondering what’s going on with it raining only over the twelve square metre area where they live. It is far too hot for them to venture out into the sunshine, – they’d dehydrate in minutes.

The temperature has dropped five degrees though and there are small eddies of a breeze, perhaps created by the unusual local micro climate.

I feel as if the month that I have taken off writing has been a waste of time. My extra promotional activities have not created increased sales, yet I could have been halfway through another book. I will start another book in three days, and I think it will be a sequel to the popular ‘Tiger Lilly of Bangkok’. I won’t say anything about the storyline now, but if you keep coming back, I will reveal how the book progresses right up to publication in six to eight week’s time.

All the best for now on this boring Sunday,



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