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Hung-over and Still Bored

Hung-over and Still Bored
Hung-over and Still Bored

Hung-over and Still Bored

Since it was our seventh wedding anniversary on Monday, I treated myself to a ‘pub crawl’ around the village. I put it in inverted commas because there are no pubs where we live and only six shops where I feel comfortable drinking a beer. My wife had to look after our granddaughter, but she called in her mother to help and joined me at the last watering hole.

It was not very exciting, not a single person spoke to me until she arrived. This is because of the language barrier, not because nobody likes me – I think.

Anyway, I was back at my desk before nine o’clock.

I haven’t got much done today. Probably slightly hung-over from last night. I’m getting old. It takes me so much longer to recover from drinking a lot less than ever six months ago. I wasted the whole morning doing nothing, and the next thing I knew, it was four hours later and time to go to Jane’s for a hair of the dog, where I am now writing this to you.

I won’t stay out long today though. I want to do an hour’s promo put two more ‘How to’s’ on Lulu, and prepare a template to write the book in that I intend to start tomorrow. ‘Tiger Lily’ 2 – TL2. I am wondering about relocating her to London, where she could be following a post grad course. It might widen the base of interest for the story.

It will take some research, but I quite like that aspect of writing anyway.

She could go in for children’s ailments – paediatrics, is it?

While celebrating yesterday, I forgot to post my diary entry, although I did write one, and while daydreaming my time away today hung-over, I likewise forgot, so I will have to post two messages when I get in.

What do you think of the podcasts? They are an experiment, but poor quality. Perhaps I should read them myself.

I saw a photo of the hole in my back just now. It’s about three-quarters of an inch wide, a quarter of an inch deep and looks as if someone has taken a chunk out with an apple corer. Bright red inside, but I guess that’s better than green.

All the best,


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