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Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2

Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2
Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2

Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2

As I gazed out of my office window this morning, thinking about Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2,  fist-sized balls of candy floss were drifting past. As they snagged on bushes, pieces were torn away by the breeze and so were distributed further afield. Neem says that in old Thailand, people stuffed it into mattresses and pillows.

I have never seen it before.

I did start Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2 today, but did not get as far as I had hoped, because an old friend, Rick, brought an infrequent visitor, Joe, to Jem’s for a chat. It was nice to see them both. We had an enjoyable couple of hours banter.

To put such a meeting into context, I’m pretty sure that nothing like that has happened for the last fifteen months.

Such is the isolation of a foreigner in ‘remote’ parts of Thailand.

I put Lily in London for Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2, but it has revealed new problems. I never have known London well, but I now live in Thailand, so I will need to do a lot more research than I first anticipated. I don’t mind that, but it will slow me down until I feel comfortable in that environment.

I had a chat with a friend, a fellow writer, over email last night. He said that he found credible sequels more difficult than starting a new storyline. I generally find sequels easier, but he is going to be right about this one, I can feel it already. It has to do with the research, and the fact that the elite in Britain would rather the truth didn’t get out anyway.

I am talking about high society child abuse here as has been alleged against residences in Dolphin Square in Westminster, the most desirable place to live in inner London.

Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2 will not make any new revelations, but it might hit a few raw nerves.



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