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Promoting Books and Artwork

Promoting Books and Artwork
Promoting Books and Artwork

Promoting Books and Artwork

Whether you are launching a new project or trying to inject life into an older one, the principle is the same. You need to treat your project like a Saturn Rocket in that it needs a huge push from day one one as it lifts off really quickly, then it needs a prolonged steady push for a while, followed by a sustainable long-term cruising speed.

I, as a writer and self- or indie-publisher of over 150 books, have been looking for such a system for promoting books and artwork for years. I was looking for a set-and-forget advertising or promotion system that would allow me to get the basic advertising done, while I got on with what I wanted to do – writing. Yet also a system that I could ‘interfere’ with, ie boost as and when I had the time or inclination.

I am a writer, I love writing, I want to write…

Promoting Books and Artwork

I do not want to spend most of my time promoting, although I really don’t mind doing some promo when I have the time or am looking for inspiration. A change is as good as a rest, they say, and it certainly works for me.

So, I developed my own system for promoting books and artwork, and I have been fine-tuning it for the past five years.

Now, I am proud enough of it to present it to other writers and artists.

I call it the Set and Forget Ultimate Promo Package.

Why set-and-forget?

The Ultimate Promo Package

Because the Set and Forget Ultimate Promo Package lasts for a year! Yes, 365 days! The main thrust comes in the first month, followed by intensive promo, then a year of Tweets, and a lifetime, yes, a LIFETIME of presence on my high- traffic readers’ and writers’ blog.

All for one decision to opt in!

If you would like to know more about the Set and Forget Ultimate Promo Package, please click through to:

All the best,


PS: there is genuine limited availability for the Set and Forget Ultimate Promo Package – it is not just marketing hype – because I do all the work myself including reading your book and writing the review.

PS: you can see my novels here:

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