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Making a Living From Books

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Daisy’s Chain

When the property is there, but it’s value is not being realised…

I know an author… Yes, all right, my father, Owen Jones, who has 1250 publications registered in his name on Amazon. Furthermore, they are all original books penned by him. However, he is not making a living from the books that he has created.

Many of his original works in English have been translated. Not only that, but all those books in English, and many other languages, exist as ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks and even hardbacks.

I’ll say it again: 1250 publications with his name on them to date!

However, they are earning next to nothing… a giant pizza a week. He is not really making a living from books. In fact, he was earning more from his first few books ten years ago, than he is from all these hundreds now.

Book Sales

This doesn’t seem right to me. When I ask him about it, he says he likes writing and working with other writers both home and abroad. He suggests that he has probably fallen behind modern marketing methods.

I don’t know whether that is true or whether his low sales are attributable to the global slowdown that is a result of Covid. Nevertheless, whatever the reason is, there has to be a way to improve his situation.

Anyway, I am determined to find out how we can rectify the situation. When we do, we are willing to share our findings.

Selling Books

So, are there other authors out there in the same boat? Is there anyone out there who knows how to cash in on all this intellectual property?

I’m looking for a marketing expert who is willing to help us for a fair, even generous, percentage of sales. Furthermore, if the scheme works for us, then I would gladly refer you to other writers.

Please contact me, if you want, using the form in the title bar.

Best wishes,


Daisy’s Chain – set in the rich person’s paradise of Marbella, Southern Spain

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