Promotion on Megan Publishing Services

Promotion on Megan Publishing Services

Advertising on Megan Publishing Services is possible and not expensive, but the type of promotions that we will accept is limited to books and artwork in general, although if you have broader requirements, we may be able to help there too, as long as the ads fit in with the site’s content.

Books and Artwork can most easily be promoted through the bookshop button on the Title Bar above as this method is automated in that the advertiser can set up the promotion and pay for it without outside intervention.

However, there is another alternative too – banner advertising! This is not automated, but is easy to achieve if you have a existing banner, say from a company that you are affiliated to, or one that you have made yourself. This latter type can also be used by authors and artists to promote there own work in a larger format, from which one would expect more impact.

Prices for the banner ads are also available from the Title Bar.

If you are stuck trying to create a banner, perhaps I could help, or you can get one made on Fiverr for $5, and you will own it outright. It will probably be more professional too. (I may get one made for myself, thinking about it 🙂 )

There are prime spots for all the common size banners, but in general, there is only one spot for each size of banner.

So, if you have specific requirements, get in soon.

You can find the sizes of the banners and their prices for promotion on Megan Publishing Services here:

Advertising on Megan Publishing Services

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PS: Promotion on MPS is best suited to all SWAMPies (sculptors, artists, authors, musicians and photographers).

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