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Owen moved to Thailand in 2004, never having written or considered writing a book in his life, but he found one particular bar and the girls/women in it so fascinating that he thought that their story should be told. He called the book ‘Behind The Smile’. The book links to that series of five large (112,00 words each) novels is on the link at the foot of the page.

He started it in 2004 and finally published it in 2012, so a long, drawn-out process indeed. He was encouraged to write a sequel, and ten months later that appeared.

However, Owen didn’t want to lose the title ‘Behind She Smile’, so made it the title of the series and renamed the first book ‘Daddy’s Hobby’ the fictitious name he had given to the bar in Pattaya. He called the second book ‘An Exciting Future’.

The raison d’etre for the second book repeated itself so Owen wrote the third in the trilogy ‘Maya – Illusion’ in July-August 2013, stopping midway through it to write the first Megan novella, ‘The Misconception’.

‘Maya’ was published in August 2013. Other Megan novellas followed in September and October, and in November, he wrote ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’ for the NaNoWriNo Challenge. His first time entering.

Emboldened by his switch of genre, Owen tried ‘a comedy Dracula with a big difference’ in December, ‘The disallowed’, finishing it in January 2014. In February, he wrote five more Megan novellas, to keep to his plan of one a month from May 2013.

In March, he switched genre again with a police/military terrorist book called ‘Dead Centre’, and did it again in April with ‘Fate Twister’ the story of Wayne Gamm, a boy with the power to change the world but not the confidence.

There followed more Megans and in September wrote Behind The Smile 4: ‘The Old Lady in The Tree’ by popular request. In October 2014, he wrote six more Megan novellas.

In November 2014 NaNoWriMo arrived again and he wrote a fifth ‘Behind The Smile’ called ‘Stepping Stones’.

In January 2015 he wrote ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London’ and then ‘Dead Centre II’. In may and June, he compiled an anthology of nineteen stories about Asia by nine authors called ‘Asian Shorts’.

He has also written over 100 books in the ‘Self Help’ genre. The rest of his time is spent in promotion.

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