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Sample Books by Owen Jones - Writer
Books by Owen Jones – Writer

Over the years, some of the books by Owen Jones – writer have acquired nicknames or short names. So, as the author of these books, I find it rather nice. In general, people give nicknames to people that (they think) they know, so it’s as if readers have accepted my books. Here are some of the titles published by Megan Publishing Services.

BEHIND THE SMILE – The Story of Lek, A Bar Girl in Pattaya

Fans commonly refer to each book in the epic Behind The Smile seven-part series is commonly as Behind The Smile 1, 2, 3 or 4 et cetera. Be that as it may, readers also refer to them as: the Smile Series, Daddy’s Hobby (after the first volume), and the Pattaya bar girl book.

THE PSYCHIC MEGAN SERIES – A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger, and One Scary Mother

This cheerful, folkloric series is often thought of as books for children. This is not quite true. The stories are for anyone who has an interest in Spiritualism, Life After Death, and psychic matters. Readers frequently refer to it as the Megan Series, or the Psychic Series.


Readers usually call this imaginative book simply Calle Goya. The story takes place in Norway, the UK and Spain. BTW, ‘calle’ is Spanish for ‘street’. Goya is the famous Spanish painter. By the way, there are countless streets bearing the name of this master painter around the world, especially in countries where the people speak Spanish.


The sequel is Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London. Readers have called both novels mysterious and compelling. They tell the story of an abused child eight years after the event. In other words, the aftershock of child abuse, if you like. They call them Tiger Lily, and Tiger Lily London


This evocative thriller tells the story of Daisy, a poor little rich girl living in the rich people’s playground of Marbella, in southern Spain with her family. In trying to prove her worth to her ex-Lo don gangster father, she causes havoc and mayhem. For some reason, people call it the Daisy Chain books, even though there is only one of them.


This compelling series of thrillers tells the story of The Dead Centre Agency, which gives the series it’s nickname. The Dead Centre Agency is run by three ex-SAS Special Forces operatives. All in all, it is as secretive as The Regiment that they once belonged to.

I hope that you have enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes. If you would like to know more, click the link to the books on this blog in the title bar above or here: Books by Owen Jones -Writer

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