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Intercopy – Fuengirola

Intercopy - Fuengirola
Intercopy – Fuengirola

Intercopy – Fuengirola

Intercopy color is a photocopying service, and much more, in the centre of Fuengirola, the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Intercopy color is situated opposite the bus station, on the beach side, very close to the Las Ramblas Hotel.

I had occasion to use them for some quite complicated photocopying – the copying of certified, sealed legal documents, which were essential for my Thai wife to obtain her residency papers in order to live with me in Europe. The load came to forty-odd pages, some of which were printed on both sides. The difficulty was that the seals on the legal documents could not be broken without invalidating the originals.

I was so nervous that I stood over the man operating the copier, something that I was later embarrassed about because he didn’t need my advice – in fact, I was just in the way!

I guess, when you have found an expert, that it is just best to step aside and let him or her do what they are good at.

The whole package of photocopies took about twenty minutes and cost €4! I could not have been more surprised and offered to promote their company to my readers free of charge because I was so impressed with their knowledge, skill and level of service.

Intercopy color’s range of services, according to their business card, includes:

1) Impression digital

2) Impression rigida

3) Expositores (displays such as banners)

4) Copisteria popelaria

For a full explanation, please visit Intercopy color’s website at or email them at and tell them I sent you 🙂

I have chosen to promote this excellent company because they impressed me without their knowing that I run a very popular website (4,000+ pageviews a day) with a growing number of visitors who come to or already live in Fuengirola. Give them a try, I am sure that Intercopy color will not let you down.

Contact Intercopy at

Calle Pintor Nogales, Fuengirola. Tel: 952475289 or email: and please mention this blog (Owen on Megan Publishing Services)

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