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The Ultimate Promo Package

Megan Publishing Services
Megan Publishing Services

The Ultimate Promo Package

The Ultimate Promo Package is Megan Publishing Services’ prime advertising deal, which is designed to give a three-stage boost to the book or artwork that you want to promote.

NB: The Ultimate Promo Package is subject to limited availability because I need to read each book in order to provide a review – no more than one package a  week (not per person – in total)!

Stage One: Lift off provides a powerful push to get your work noticed. Within a month, but at your own pace, we will produce an author interview, a book review, and a book sales’ page, which means that it will receive a random share of 30,000 banner adverts on MPS (Megan Publishing Services) a day and I will promote them on at least a dozen of the top Social media platforms

Stage Two: After-burner consists of creating six Tweets based on, and so uniquely relevant, to your work, which will be promoted across the Internet. The book review will be posted to Amazon US, Amazon UK and Goodreads. The Amazon US review will be available on ALL Amazon franchises around the world.

Stage Three: Cruising means promoting your work using three of your Tweets posted to my ever-growing band of 75,000 artistic reading and writing Twitter followers three times a day (every eight hours) for 365 days, which means that they will be seen potentially 82,125,000 times. Note that posting the Tweets every eight hours means complete global coverage within peak periods (due to the various time zones).

In short, the Ultimate Book Promo Package includes:

  1. A review of your novel on my high-traffic website, Amazon and Goodreads (permanent placements).
  2. Six Tweets based on your novel for you to use. I will send three of these Tweets to 75,000 of my followers three times a day for 365 days or at least 82,125,000 potential impressions.
  3. An author interview about yourself and up to three of your books (permanent page).
  4. A sales page for one of your books on Megan Publishing Services for one month.
  5. Random banner ads out of approx 30,000 per day for one month (linked to sales page above).
  6. Promotion of all website pages to more than a dozen Social Media accounts, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Livejournal, Plurk, Digg, Diigo, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Blogger, Surfit, Favoritus, Folk’d, G+, Favoritus and more.

First come, first served due to limited availability (I have to read the books myself, in between writing my own) – no more than one package per week!

Read the details here: or

contact me now:

owen at meganthemisconception dot com

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