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Book translations

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I have spent most of this month doing what I should have been doing last year – adding references to book translations to my website.

I have admitted my error in not looking after this blog before, so I won’t go into it again now.

However, translators have every right to expect an entry on our blog Megan Publishing Services, and that is what I am doing now.

Book translations

It has surprised me how many languages Owen Jones’s books have been translated into. The current count is thirty-five (plus English), although not every book has been translated into each of those languages.

The book that holds the record is THE MISCONCEPTION, the first volume of the Psychic Megan Series. It’s the lovely tale of Megan, a psychic teenager, who is looking for answers to questions about her nascent psychic powers. It is available in 35 languages at the time of writing. We are only missing Sinhala to get all of them).

Foreign Translations

The second one is A NIGHT IN ANNWN with 14 translations. It is also about a man’s supernatural experience during an NDE (Near-death Experience).

There is a stunning number of applications to translate our books at the moment. We often receive up to ten a week from all over the world. It is not at all unusual to publish three of more books in a single day, and for a run like that to last a week. This is why Owen Jones has over 1,000 books registered to him. In fact, there are more than eight hundred in the British Library records, and we are adding more every month.

However, do you think that it is coincidental that the two fore-runner book translations are about Spiritual matters?

I don’t think so.

How about you?

Best wishes,


PS: I am now buying new book covers at the rate of two-three per month, so look out for lots of changes 🙂

PPS: I have changed the covers for both of the novels mentioned above. Check them out on this site!

Update March 2023: Publishing continues to expand. I now have 25% more than when Chalita write this article barely nine months ago. I am finding that audiobooks continue to outpace ebooks, and some months we sell three times as many paperbacks as ebooks. Ebooks are looking like third choice now for sure.

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