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Advertising on Megan

Advertising on Megan
Advertising on Megan

Advertising on Megan

I have been receiving an increasing number of requests from visitors to my blog about advertising opportunities. At first, I thought it odd because there are pages on there about advertising on Megan.

So, I went to have a look at what I ha to offer this morning and was surprised to find that I found the opportunities for advertising on Megan quite confusing myself.

I can see how the situation has come about, even if it is inexcusable. I had never intended to offer advertising on Megan to others; it was my vehicle just for me, a one-seater. However, over, over the last three years, things have happened and, as I said, people approached me, so I added a few options for advertising on Megan, but in a piecemeal fashion.

I suppose that’s all right when there are only three or so options, but the number on my blog had risen to about twenty and it was confusing without any structure.

So, this afternoon, I have reorganised the opportunities for advertising on Megan and they are now a lot clearer. There are basically five types of advertising offered and then there are several options within each group.

Megan remains predominantly a website/blog for readers and writers – especially indie writers and self-publishers, so the advertising opportunities are geared in that direction as well. There are plenty of ways of advertising on Megan, but if you have any specific requirements, please drop me a line, and I am sure that we will be able to sort something out.

One last point, if you advertise on Megan, you will be promoting your books alongside my own and every minute that I put into marketing will benefit you as much as it does me. Think about that, because I promote Megan Publishing Services for about ten hours a day, seven days a week.

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