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Gail Our Granddaughter

Gail our granddaughter
Gail our granddaughter and me

Gail Our Granddaughter

Gail our granddaughter, came back today. She had been with her other grandparents since Thursday because we had to go to Naan on Friday and Neem had to go to Phitsanulok today. She is six months old, but when she saw me from fifty yards, a big smile appeared on her face and she threw her arms open wide. I thought she might have forgotten me after four days, she has always appeared to have before.

A few weeks seem to have made a big difference to her memory and her eyesight.

I am still talking to Amazon about their handling of VAT in Europe. Basically, they say that the tax is deducted from the list price, so we both pay it, although I pay 70% and they only 30%. However, that is not the point. It is a tax on the buyer, not the seller, although the seller is responsible for charging it, collecting it and handing it over to the government. Under Amazon’s system, I get £2.30 per book rather than the £2.80, I should do, and 50/230=21%, which is the average European rate of VAT. They cannot yet see this.

It is very frustrating, but at least they are still talking to me, Microsoft or Google wouldn’t even have replied in the first place.

I am not one for wishing my life away, but I said I wouldn’t start another book in March, and it’s killing me. Still, only eight more days to go. I am not writing this month as I published a book on the tenth and it and others need to be promoted. I also want to uncover other means of promotion, means other than those that I have been using for the last three years.

If you have any ideas, please let me know, because I’m running out of them fast.



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