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Owen Jones Books

Owen Jones, from South Wales, has been writing books since 2012. Many of Owen Jones books have an element of the supernatural about them.

Book Translations

Book translations are a big feature of Megan Publishing Services’s blog. It means that people from more countries can read Owen Jones’ books

Reviews of Books on Amazon

Reviews of Books on Amazon

The Reviews of Books on Amazon I have been with Amazon for a relatively very long time – since a few weeks after it started, I think, but I can’t help thinking the the people at the top  – the ones running the firm (that might not include Jeff Bezos, the guy who set it up) are …

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Final Preparations for the UK

Non-English Books

Non-English Books For My Blog I run this blog as an author who writes and sells books, but I have never written or tried to sell any non-English books. How would I go about it? Not the writing, I have learned seven languages to a high standard, although I am now rusty. However, I wouldn’t …

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Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Piracy and Google

Piracy and Google If you make anything that becomes successful, you can expect it to be copied sooner or later. In the case of physical goods, it can take a while to set up the plant and machinery to produce those copies and the contacts to sell them through. However, there is also the theft …

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Spain and the European Union

Moving On

Moving On The time has come for us to be moving on. As many of you will already know, I have been living in Thailand with my Thai wife, Neem, for twelve years, and so now we would like to have a look elsewhere. However, I want to emphasise that our decision to be moving …

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